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 Maharashtra Mitra Mandal Library

Set up as a library uniquely for children, it now has a large, completely separate section for grown ups. With over 10,000 books and magazines it is a book lover's paradise.

Truly a Public Library - it welcomes members, regardless of circumstances and economic background. Everybody has equal access to the magic of books.



ग्रंथ मित्र, ग्रंथ गुरु
ग्रंथ भुक्कड वाटेवरचे
फक्कड वाटसरू...!
ग्रंथ बाप, ग्रंथ आई
ग्रंथ रख्खड वाटेची
सुखद पाणपोई ...!
...... अनंत भावे !

"I have always believed that
paradise will be a kind of library"

---- Jorge Luis Borges
No book ends here